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BMW Mini Cooper
MINI Cooper S Spark Plug 4-pack Colder for modified Gen2 R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 R60 R61

MINI Cooper S Spark Plug 4-pack Colder for modified Gen2 R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 R60 R61

MINI Cooper S Spark Plug 4-pack Colder for modified Gen2 R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 R60 R61
Part No: G2NMK3404
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Internet Price $62.99
NGK Laser Iridium 'colder' Spark Plug for high horsepower Minis with upgraded turbos or ECU tuning. Sold in packages of 4 spark plugs.

Heat range:  8 (one step colder than stock)
Gap: 0.6mm(0.023)

Fits the following 'modified' MINI Cooper S models:

2007-2013 R56 MINI Cooper S Hardtop
2008-2014 R55 MINI Cooper S Clubman
2009-2015 R57 MINI Cooper S Convertible 
2012-2015 R58 MINI Cooper S Coupe
2012-2015 R59 MINI Cooper S Roadster
2011-2016 R60 MINI Cooper S Countryman
2013-2016 R61 MINI Cooper S Paceman

NGK Laser Iridium spark plugs provide superior ignitability and long service life. Smallest tip diameter available Iridium / Platinum surfaces ensure slow wear rate providing stable idle, superior anti fouling, improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

* Laser welded Iridium center electrode tip
* Platinum disc welded to backside of ground electrode provides
* long service life
* “Trivalent Metal Plating” provides superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties
* Faster starts and quicker acceleration
* Better fuel economy and lower emissions
* Best OEM Iridium spark plug available
* Original Equipment Manufacturer approved design

Tightening Torque: 23 +3 Nm or 17+2 ft-lb
Heat Range: 8

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