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All the parts to rebuild your 1275cc street Spridget to race under Spec Sprite rules.
Kit Includes:
21251/40=Piston Set, Metro 8.8:1
VP572/STD=Rod Bearings
VP91120/STD=Main Bearings
VPC989=Cam Bearing Set
MDM276kit=Kent 276 Cam+Lifters+Springs
206-4201=ARP Head Stud Kit (9)
GWP134=Water Pump, High Capacity
GEG1140=Head Gasket Set

TAM1521=Head Gasket, Metro 1275
GSK105=Conversion Gasket Set (Lower End)
C-AJJ3327=Adjustable Duplex Timing Chain Kit
HEAD04=Rocker Assembly
C-AEG412=Oil Pump S/Flo, Slot Drive
MOC/SPRITE=Hose Kit for Oil Cooler
C-ARH221=13Row Oil Cooler
HS24F=Carb Kit, HS2/4 Front
HS24R=Carb Kit, HS2/4 Rear
C-AHT11=LCB Header
MW003=Battery Cut-Off Switch
COM710/KIT=Clutch Kit
(2)STR136=Track Rod Ends
(2)STR137=Steering Rack Boots
9G204=Rear Trans Seal
(2)DIF147K=Axle Bearing Kit with Seals
(2)AAA329=Rear Leaf Bush
SUS712/KIT=Spring Pads (4) Kit
KGM906=Lowering Kit, Rear
(2)GWC1102=3/4" Rear Brake Cylinders, New
C-8G8997=1.25" Comp Brake Shoes
(2)AHA7029/NEW=A-Arms, Lwr MG, Late
GSA102/REBUILT=Lever Shock, Right
GSA103/REBUILT=Lever Shock, Left
(2)SUS166=Front Wheel Bearing Kits
(2)QSK136S=Kits, Front Upright Rebuild
(2)M2601=Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit
ABK102=Disc Brake Hose Kit, Stainless Steel
(2)BTA383=Brake Rotors
FBK150D=Delux Disc Brake Pads
131ADDCO=Front Sway Bar, 3/4"

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