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Sprite and Midget Performance Camshaft By Elgin Various Models Available

Sprite and Midget Performance Camshaft By Elgin Various Models Available

Sprite and Midget Performance Camshaft By Elgin Various Models Available
Part No: CAM7107-P
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The goal in rebuilding an engine is to return its performance and reliability to what it once had new. The goal in “building” an engine is to increase its power within the capabilities of that engine without unduly ruining its other performance factors — drivability, mileage, reliability, and perhaps smog-law compliance. Building a performance engine is not just a matter of tossing “speed parts” like a big cam into it, nor is building high performance or racing engines anywhere near as simple as some people imagine. Change one thing and that’s a different engine. Change many things and you have entered another profession, as an engine developer. The package of professional skills you acquired as a rebuilder still apply to building high performance engines, whether for yourself or for customers. But a few advanced skills must also be acquired (or rented). So must further, up-to-date insights, for making effective decisions long before the first cutting edge touches iron. Then knowledge is power. The topic of engine performance is enormous, and enormously complicated. So one article can lead only so far. We try the possible. The May 2004 issue of Shoptalk carried my article entitled “Camshafts” that covered the basics of how engines operate across six working cycles, how cam designs affect those cycles, and some recommendations. This article looks for a moderate but real increase in power to a production engine that must run well at reasonable rpm on pump gas.
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Cam 715-18
With Supercharger, this is a beautiful cam for a well built engine Despite its 286 degree spec., this cam idles like a kitten with supercharger and then comes on like a tiger once the throttle is depressed. For the classic Mini a supercharged 1380cc engine pulls out of the hole in an "OH MY GOD" way that will leave your wig in the back seat unless you have it firmly glued down. I have no idea how this cam would work in a naturally aspirated engine, but other than idle I suspect that it would be equally thrilling. In a supercharged configuration, despite the overlap, the supercharged overfilling of the chambers causes a very smooth idle, as if a very mile cam. Then, depress the throttle and realize why you are wearing your seat belt (so that you are not thrown into the back seat). Elgin did a great job of enginerring this cam way back when supercharging or turbo charging Minis was big news. IT STILL IS!! Trust me, this cam along with supercharger produced race engine HP, but with docile road manners. Beautiful !! Happy Motoring! Please save up for your next set of tires when ordering this cam. I advise for general motoring at least a 3.1 x-pin diff or higher. If you are into autocross and have enough induction system, this is a great cam for sure.
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