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Sprite and Midget Radiator 2 Core Super Cool

Sprite and Midget Radiator 2 Core Super Cool

Sprite and Midget Radiator 2 Core Super Cool
Part No: C-ARA4442
Internet Price $259.95
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Sprite and Midget Radiator 4 Core For Super Cooling
$249.95 Sprite and Midget Radiator 4 Core For Super Cooling
Classic Austin Mini Cooper Super Trick alloy radiator side mount cooling
$199.95 Classic Austin Mini Cooper Super Trick alloy radiator side mount cooling
This radiator is made especially for more powerful and hotter running Mini Cooper engines. Developed using the latest technology and design for increasing air flow, utilizing just two rows of very large cores and V shaped gills. Not only is this radiator much lighter and narrower than the 4 core, it performs as well as the old 4-core. Being of lighter material it can be prone to fin blockage/damage by off road use. Not recommended for such applications. Use C-ARA4444, 4-core instead. May require minor modifications to 2-piece radiator shroud to fit to Mk I/II.
USES SHALLOW CAP GRC111 (not included).
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Great selection of stock & high capacity radiators can be used with a variety of our radiator fans can either be good maintenance or a fantastic upgrade. Added cooling capacity on a Mini is vital to performance.
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The cooling system in the Mini has used the same basic style radiator since it's begining in 1959 up until the introduction of the twin point injected cars when the radiator was moved to the front of the car.
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The introduction of the Cooper S proved to be a testing time for the Mini's systems, but conveniently provide a guideline as to what the standard cooling system was capable of - that used on the 'S' was marginal to say the least! It wasn't uncommon for many S's to spew water from their overflow p
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Very few understand just what the cooling system does and how it does it, and that incompatibility between the cooling system's capability and an upgraded engine can spell disaster for the new engine.
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Engine mountings are a whizz to fit as the Mini ones fit straight onto any of the other units. Just remove the Metro/AA/1300GT ones and swop the mounts over from the Mini unit. If they’re split, fit new ones, they’re cheap. If using the AA/1300GT unit - it's advisable to cut off the 'wings' on the front plate that carried the engine mounts on the radiator end.
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my mini is not a hot head anymore..
i won a 1962 mini in a raffle. i have been restoring her lil by lil. i noticed when i was motoring in her on warm days the temp. gauge would creep up on her. not to my liking at all.. so i diag. the cooling sys. and found poor flow through the old radiator. when the mini was warmed up, i felt the top fins and then the bottom fins. the top was warm and the bottom was cool. so i called " Minimania " parts dept. and stated i need a new radiator... the parts Man was so helpful and kind enough to help me out and select the correct radiator for my needs. i was very pleased of the quality and fitment of the new unit.. my mini now runs perfectly.... thank you so much willie
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