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Ask any group of Classic Minis enthusiasts what feature they wished their Mini had, and one of the top answers will be "a FIFTH gear"!  This is particularly true when the car has a nice big torquey engine like one of our 1380cc custom-built powerunits.  We have built literally hundreds of these over the years, but only a special few have been equipped with one of the aftermarket 5-speed gearboxes.

In recent years, the five speeds have been produced in small numbers a few at a time, so not uncommon to find yourself on a waiting list. We at Mini Mania know this so when we want one, we often try to order two! 

We got TWO!

At least one of them is going to help make up a 'dream engine' package, coupled with one of our 1380 HP A+ Engines. The 5-speed is configured to match the original 60s Cooper S close ratio gear box, but with a fifth gear overdrive that lets you and your Mini relax on a modern highway. This eliminates the compromise that MUST be made with a 4-speed - Do I want a high-revving engine on the highway, or do I want to burn my clutch getting the car moving?

This engine package will out-perform the fire-breathing original Cooper S while matching its fun to drive point and shoot, nimble handling manners that humble far higher spec competition to this day. Your Mini will jump off the line with authority, each gear perfectly placed for the engine powerband. But when you're not auto-crossing, or enjoying your favorite winding road, you can put this one in fifth and actually take it somewhere!

On Paper:

* A+ Block fully prepped and off-set bored to 1380cc
* 10.5 to 1 compression Evo 9cc dish  pistons
* Reground A+ crank with +.010" or +.020" bearings
* Resized A+ rods with ARP rod bolts
* Elgin Street performance cam with matching oil pump
* Aluminum cylinder head with quality valves, springs, and bronze guides
* ARP head stud kit. Block modified for 11 studs. New hardware and fasteners as required throughout
* HIF44 Carb with BDK needle, complete with all mounting brackets, cables, intake manifold, and K&N filter
* Standard Maniflow LCB header to work with intake kit
* Helical cut close ratio 5-speed overdrive with cross pin differential and 3.44 final drive.(equivalent to about a  3.05 : 1 final drive 4-speed in overdrive 5th)  Rod change shift linkage only. Kit available to upgrade earlier cars
* Electronic A+ Distributor and 8mm Plug Wires        
*Ask about other popular upgrades with at least a 15% discount: Stage 1 big valve head, roller rocker set, lightweight flywheel, adjustable timing set, twin carbs or Weber DCOE, Big bore header, etc.

On the Road:


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