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 Check Engine on with no code

 Created by: Katkota
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VivianFulton is a spammer.
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VivianFulton is a spammer.


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Hello folks;
I have 2008 R56 Base Mini Cooper with 133000 miles on it. the check engine light came on few weeks ago (And i can hear the engine revs sometime when idling or when going down hills). I checked for code and it came with P2091 so i replaced both VVT Solenoids and both cam shaft sensors but the light stays on. I did unplug the battery and plugged it back in and the light stays so i cleared the code and then within a very short period of time when i started the vehicle the engine light came on again and i still hear the engine revs while idling once or twice but the weird thing now is when i try to check for a code nothing came up and it says car is OK.
The car is driving fine but i can't seem to be able to get rid of the check engine light and also i can feel something wrong because the issue with the idle engine revving is weird (Although the revving happens always once or twice only).

Any help would be greatly appreciated