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BMW Mini Cooper
The Fun, Affordable Sprite
Created: April 24, 2012
One of the standard modern-day motoring clichés is the desire for a modern-day Sprite – a synonym for an open-topped two-seater that’s cheap to buy and run. When Austin-Healey launched its ‘Frogeye’ Sprite in May 1958 it cost £679, or not much more than a four-door Morris Minor; this really was fun motoring on the cheap.
Frogeye Bugeye Resurrection
Created: November 15, 2011
For you Wheeler Dealer fans, and for those of you who may not be familiar with this UK TV series, here’s a look at Mike Brewer and Edd China working to resurrect a British classic: The Frogeye Sprite.
MG Commercials.. Then & Now..
Created: May 23, 2011
Compare the MG of yesteryear with the "new" MG6 of today
A (Morris) Minor miracle by Father & Son
Created: March 15, 2011
A (Morris) Minor miracle by Father & Son Richard McKellar confesses that he has been reliably told that the first word he uttered, was not "mummy" or "daddy" but "car".
Video: 1958 Launch of the Frog Eye Sprite
Created: February 03, 2011
Frog Eye Sprite driven at Silverstone by Roy Salvadori.
Created: November 26, 2009
Midget and Sprite are Affordable Classics that keep their value
Created: March 07, 2008
Donald Healey saw a niche opening up for a car that would be fun to drive, inexpensive to own, and "small enough to store in a chap's motorcycle shed."
Created: July 19, 2000
The Bugeye Vintage Racer is in the body shop. It is one of those "do it between the others who are on a tighter schedule" jobs so it will be there a while. I get a weekly update. Sometimes it is good news sometimes bad. In all the effort is holding to cost and on schedule. My problem is staying focused.
Created: June 26, 2000
After getting serious about the restoration effort of the Bugeye Vintage Racer I am truly impressed with the progress. It is now at the point where all of the mechanical parts have been removed and neatly stored. Every suspension bolt and associated hardware have been removed, cleaned and put back on the chassis roller. It is now time for the dreaded “B” word. It is time to start working on the BODY.
Created: April 03, 2000
We were struck with some spring weather and I was able to get in some shop time. Shop time always takes precedence. However, one evening I dug into my automotive library and found a program from the 1966 Road America June Sprints.
Created: March 22, 2000
A real Bugeye racecar was now sitting in my shop. Let me start by putting something in perspective. It took me about 9 months to get serious about starting the rebuilding. I had no problems with dismantling.
Created: March 13, 2000
The story continues. In Part 1 I found the car of my dreams. I took the first giant step toward racing. Now it was time to find out exactly what I bought.