(Revision 6/16/2014)

I. Objective:
Increase numbers for Racing Spridgets @ VSCDA Events:
A. More cars will allow more wheel to wheel racing within Spridget Classes including ability and car preparation.
B. Continue the traditions established by Thickos through camaraderie and group get together (cook out Lunch Saturday and Sunday, British Pub Saturday Evening and Technical Support through group).
C. Use Vintage Vee Model with points awarded for durability and finishing position for best of 2 out of 3 race series.
D. Encourage street Austin Healeys & MGs as spectators by offering British Car Corrals for parking near our Spridget Compound inviting them to join in the fun and encourage Track Touring Session and assisting as crew.

Note: Revisions to this document will be highlighted in yellow so those that have seen this document before can quickly see changes made. Date of revision will be listed at top of document.

II. 2014 VSCDA Sprite Midget Point Races:

A. Gingerman May 2-4, 2014
B. Blackhawk Farms June 13-15, 2014
C. Grattan Grand Finale August 15-17, 2014

III. Racing Classes per VSCDA Classifications Guidelines for Points and Awards
Our intent is to have anyone interested in racing a Vintage Spridget to join us. This is a double edge sword since an individual may have their own personal opinion of why he should or should not be in a certain class. A racer that is bumped into a higher classification than they think they should be in such as M1 or M2 always has a place to race. If they are unhappy with the higher classification they can modify their car to comply with ERA correct requirements. We would like to encourage all Spridget Series Racers to use these classifications below and list this classification on your Race Registration as well. Our goal is for an open honest and transparent understanding in classifications per VSCDA guidelines. Other Vintage Race Groups have adopted the Vintage Motorsport Council “Race Car Information Sheet (RCIS)” and can be filed nationally with Vintage Motorsport Council (VMC). This form requires additional details on individual car preparation beyond VSCDA’s “Car Prep Form” and will be discussed within our group to see if we are interested in adopting this form for our Series. These classifications allow us to be grouped in classes where we can enjoy similar car performance; after all at the end of any race elapse time is always present regardless of classifications.
(Please mark the following classification on the outside of your car near your car number on right and left side of race car. This will allow spectators to recognize the class you are racing in). Engine displacement in cubic centimeter is that displacement or less except where noted.

VSCDA Sprite / Midget Minimum Weight Requirement (all fluids and without gas) (Reference 6.25 lbs per gallon of gasoline at 72 degrees F)
Classification Car Minimum Weight (lbs)
2E (Era Correct) Bug Eye Only 95% of 1408= 1338
2D (Era Correct) Square Body Only 95% of 1478 = 1404
2M1 Bug Eye Only 90% of 1408 = 1267
2M1 Square Body Only 90% of 1478 = 1330
2M2 Bug Eye Only 85% of 1408 = 1197
2M2 Square Body Only 85% of 1478 = 1256
A. 2E = Bug Eye ERA Correct 1000cc (SCCA 1966 or 1967 GCR)
B. 2M1 = Bug Eye 1326cc (see VSCDA website for more details on M1 class)
C. 2M2 = Bug Eye 1326cc (see VSCDA website for more details on M2 class)
D. 2D = Sprite / Midget Square Body ERA Correct 1326cc (SCCA 1972 GCR)
E. 2M1 = Sprite / Midget Square Body 1326cc (VSCDA website M1 class)
F. 2M2 = Sprite / Midget Square Body 1326cc (VSCDA website M2 class)
G. 2UP = Sprite / Midget Special / Prototype under 1100cc (Sebring, Arkley, Speedwell, WSM, etc)
H. 2OP = Sprite / Midget Special / Prototype over 1100cc (Sebring, Arkley, Speedwell, WSM, etc)
We have discussed how other Vintage Race Group Classify their cars and are considering Vintage Race Rules (VRR). VRR are available from Stan Mason by request. Grattan discussion on these changes will be held and if agreed I will approach VSCDA on our recommendations for this change. The goal in using VRR would be for us to be more aligned with other race groups allowing us to race in other groups and allow other groups to join us with a similar specification. Buzz Merchlewitz is also studying 1966 GCR / PCS and feels that these specifications are too restrictive and that most of us are not in compliance. He feels 1967 is more realistic for how most Vintage Groups are racing.
IV. Points awarded from accumulation of 2 of the 3 designated races of Gingerman, Black Hawk and Grattan with the intent of awarding reliability along with position.
A. One point for each lap completed during Qualifying & Sprint Race usually held on Saturday (not to exceed 8 points per session. If a racer completes less than the most completed laps available by a similar class racer the results will be based on a percentage of that 8 points rounded up) these points reward endurance. If the class session has less than 8 laps and a competitor completed all laps available they will be awarded 8 points. The Feature Race typically held on Sunday will award points based on class position per the following except for Gingerman 2014 Exclusive Sprite Midget Race, the Blackhawk and Grattan Race will be the Group 2 Feature Race:

Feature Sunday Race Finishing Points
First (8 points), Second (7), Third (6), Fourth (5), Fifth (4), Sixth ( 3), Seventh (2) & All other finishers (1)

B. A racer can accumulate up to 16 points for Qualification and Sprint Race along with additional points for the Feature Race. The maximum points awarded per race weekend would be 24. The maximum accumulated in the best 2 out of 3 series would be 48 points.
C. A driver will not receive points for a session that had an on track incident resulting in a disciplinary action from the VSCDA Drivers Committee.
D. If a driver enters all 3 eligible race weekends he or she can throw out the worse weekend, which will allow any mechanical or other issues to be discounted. Final results will be tallied from the 2 weekends with the most accumulated points unless otherwise contacted.
E. An overall winner will be selected regardless of class based on most total accumulated points. If more than one racer has highest points accumulated it will be considered an overall winner tie.
F. Awards will be presented at Grattan per the above Class Categories at the end of the last Group 2 race.
G. These awards are in the spirit of Vintage Sports Car Philosophy recognizing fun and durability by completing the most laps per race weekend contributing 2/3 of total available.

V. Abbreviations and clarifications:
GCR = SCCA General Competition Rules
ERA Correct = 5 years after production but not later than 1972 SCCA GCR for Group 2 Production Sports Car Class (Bugeye 1966 GCR all others including Square Bodies are 1972 GCR since nearly all Square Bodies use 1275cc Engines).
M1= Modification Preparation (This would include all Bug Eyes over 1000cc and or additional weight reductions of 10%)
M2= Modification Preparation (This could include coil over suspensions in more recent SCCA raced cars and or additional weight reduction of 15%)
Additional details will be updated through the VSCDA Sprite Midget Race Series Microsite.

VI. Misc:
This document is a “Work In Progress” and can be expected to change in the future based on understanding other Vintage Group requirements and our own consensus of what seems reasonable among our group. We are open to any thoughts of how to improve this fun Vintage Spridget Racing series. This series is for fun with the intent of being honest on the level of preparation of your car. There is a class for every level of preparation. Please contact Stan Mason @ StanBMason@AOL.com. This is open to anyone interested in Vintage Racing a Spridget with us and of course it includes our typical joint cookout for all attendees usually Saturday and Saturday Lunch.

VIII. VSCDA Sprite Midget Race Series Microsite & Stickers
VSCDA Website has a Sprite Midget Race Series Microsite, which you can access several ways.
A. Go to http://www.vscda.org/ Spot Light on Sprite Midget Race Series Click Here
B. Go directly to http://www.vscda.org/groups/2-SpriteMidget.php
C. Go to http://www.vscda.org/ go to the Blue Groups Bar at top of page and click on Group 2
I will post results, updates, photos and revisions to rules here and also on e-mail distribution list if I have your e-mail address. This site is also an opportunity to let other Spridget Racers understand our vision and rules in hopes of them joining in the fun, so please let your friends know! VSCDA continues to do a great job promoting our series through the Microsite and advertising in Vintage Sports Car Publications.

A New Cool 2014 Sprite Midget Race Series Sticker (provided by Cana and Colin Comer) and Class Letters are available for $10, which helps support the end of series awards at Grattan. We will have these available at Gingerman, Blackhawk and Grattan for anyone that is interested. We have had some discussions on T-Shirts as a promotion in the future to offset awards costs. If anyone is interested in heading up T-Shirts please let me know.

VIII. Future Discussions on Car Classifications
My goal is to list other Vintage Race Groups classifications specifications as they relate to Sprite and Midgets so we can compare what has already been established with those groups. I would greatly appreciate any expertise with other Vintage Groups that I am not as familiar with (I understand VSCDA, SVRA & VRR pretty well). This may allow us to have a consensus within our group of what we think fits into VSCDA regulations, which are somewhat vague. This will be a work in progress open to opinions. Some of the areas that need to be defined, which have been expressed by our group are: shocks, suspension, fiberglass body panels, wheel well flare, tire protrusion from body, rear disc brakes & carbs. The 2E and 2D categories are better defined since the GCR defines these classes in addition to the VSCDA supplements. The M1 & M2 classifications will be more difficult to define with weight being one of the clear deciding factors.

We are open to any improvements or thoughts you may have. You can contact me at StanBMason@AOL.com.

Thank you for your interest, support and participation!
Stan Mason