We suggest this is a two person procedure

  1. Before fitting your hardtop to the car remove the soft top and frame.  Place the hardtop on the car with the front edge forward of the windscreen.  At this stage a small amount of trimming to the inside sealing strip may be necessary to allow the top to slide forward enough.


  1. With the hardtop in the correct position, tighten it down with the clips supplied.  The front edge of the hardtop should slide down the screen until the rubber seal is squashed to make a tight seal.


  1. The side attachment is by a right angled bracket which is bolted to the car using one of the soft top frame bolt holes.  It should line up with the bracket moulded into the hardtop.  A long bolt is then passed up through the brackets and tightened up, so pulling the hardtop down onto the car.  Tighten up the lock nut when satisfied.  While this operation is being done both doors must be shut with the person fitting the top sat inside.  It would be helpful if another person was pushing the back pillar of the hardtop down and forward squashing the rubber seal.  This assists in making a nice tight fit on the car.


  1. Finally check the front clips are tight then trim or tuck away any excess pieces of sealing rubber.