This kit is designed to greatly improve engine stability on all Minis, and derivatives utilizing the engine and front subframe assembly from the Mini. It is particularly useful on the later rod - change type gearbox (post 1973 models). Easily determined as reverse is selected by lifting the gear lever rather than the earlier "slap-over" type.

It is located on the left hand side of the gearbox, mounting to the speedo-drive casing directly under the radiator, and passes backwards to connect to the left hand rear subframe leg.

Remove the three 1/2" nuts from the speedo drive casing as indicated in the drawing below, fit bracket as shown and replace the nuts.

The bar extends backwards to meet the subframe leg. With the bushes and tube fitted to the bar, press it against the subframe and mark the position through the centre of the tube. Move the bar out of the way and drill a 3/8" diameter hole where marked. Move bar back into position and secure with 3/8" bolt, washers, and nut provided. Ensure all nuts are tightened correctly.