It has been two years since the FISC last raced at Good Year in Colmar Berg (LUX). Again FISC was an appreciated guest of the Letzeburger Oldtimer Festival and provided plenty of excitement during the two races.

The Good Year Tyre Company makes full use of their test circuit during the working week, therefore the Race-organiser has to work hard and quickly to adapt the circuit to international racing standards in a very short period of time. The effort is worth the energy though, because this technical circuit always provides for close and exciting racing.

On Saturday morning the grid was allowed two test sessions to get used to the new chicane at the end of the straight and “the Omega” curve, both of which are very tricky parts of the circuit. In the afternoon the qualifying sessions revealed that both Hulett (UK), debuting a new car, and Bakker (NL) had improved dramatically. However Burgin (UK) proved to be the best improver, managing a top six slot, while only racing in the 1000cc class!

The first race on Sunday saw a fierce fight develop between Douglas-Pennant (UK) and Bertini (I), closely followed by Shannon (UK) and Hulett. Bertini continually tried to force Pennant into a mistake. However the cold blooded Pennant was only focussing on winning. After 10 laps Bertini got nervous and tried to get by before the chicane, ramming the tyres and sweeping them in front of Pennant. This was the end of one fight which directly evolved into another between Shannon, Hulett and Bertini, who had managed to hang on. Ultimately this was the way the cars crossed the finish line. The FISC Disciplinary Committee later on considered Bertini’s manouevre “over-ambitious” and rewarded him a yellow card (ed.: two yellow’s leads to a one race exclusion).

The second race developed completely differently, although certainly as exciting. Again Douglas-Pennant and Bertini took off up front, but soon Pennant could not cope with the pace because of his changed settings. (Ed. - it had rained in between the two races). Hulett intervened and took control followed by Bertini and Shannon. In the background, Bakker (NL) who seemed to have gained considerable speed, closed the gap to the front in only a couple of laps. Bertini regained the lead right after the “Omega”. Two laps later, at exactly the same bend, Shannon left the door wide open enabling Bakker to take third place. Cars then kept these positions until the flag.

European FISC Trophy Standings after 4 races: Bertini (I) 30 – Shannon (UK) 26 – Douglas-Pennant (UK) 17 – Faux (UK) 17 – Hulett (UK) 16 - Johnson (UK) 16 points.

For information on the FISC European Spridget Racing Series and a more comprehensive report on Good Year please visit the FISC website at Enjoy!