Unfortunately we don’t have a workshop here, but listed below is feedback from customers on how they have fitted this item – although each person has their own ideas on fitting and there is no right or wrong way.


One of the easiest ways is to fit two gate hinges to the front chassis legs.  Attach one half of the gate hinge to the chassis leg and the other half of the hinge to the lower valance of the front end.   This will make it tilt forward like a Triumph Herald/Spitfire etc.


To clamp the front end down we suggest using toggle clamps (a total of 4 will be required) attach one half of a toggle clamp to each lower wing and the other half to the sill panel.  Then fit a toggle clamp to the windscreen scuttle panel each side and onto the front end.    This will ensure a secure fit, eliminating any vibration/movement.


To fit the chrome bumper it would need to be bolted directly to the front end.