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Wiring Harness 2pc 61' Mk2 Sprite/61-62' Mk1 Midget
$325.00 Wiring Harness 2pc 61' Mk2 Sprite/61-62' Mk1 Midget
Mr Lucas, our favorite "Prince of Darkness" often gets a bad rap! We have for too many years insisted on making quick and dirty fixes instead of taking the time and effort to do it right! Everything and everybody suffers from age and the wiring harness is no exception. We are very fortunate that today the harness to suit your needs is readily available! All color coded as original with authentic cloth wrapped outer cover and very modern PVC covered inner wires to improve longevity! For 1961 MK2 Sprite. series HAN 6/chassis #38829 to 64734 For 61-62 MK1 Miget 948cc. series GAN1/chassis #101 to 16183
Front and rear harness
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