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 headliner for Mk1?

 Created by: dogscarf
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Mar 17, 2017 11:30AM velopackrat  
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Mar 17, 2017 06:07AM dogscarf  
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 Posted: Mar 17, 2017 11:30AM
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I've got one  It's a Mk1 headliner frame, both sections and it's in excellent condition.  If that's in fact what you need, shoot me an email.

 Posted: Mar 17, 2017 09:16AM
 Edited:  Mar 17, 2017 04:42PM
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How was the old one black one attached?
Which direction you take depends on how original you want it to be. If installing the UK MK III> headliner as you stated all the glass needs to be removed but finding a good MK I/II headliner frame may be difficult. The other issue is by using the rods you have the MK I headliner you have will not have the gussets to run those rods through.
Maybe check out some other Aussie S's on the internet to see what they are using.

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 Posted: Mar 17, 2017 06:07AM
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Fellow Minioids,  I picked up an Aussie Mk1 Morris Cooper S a couple months ago.  The headliner consisted of six 1/4" round steel bars that locked into a hole that was drilled into the perimeter of the inside roof support structure.  The steel bars were bent in a fashion to keep the headliner against the roof.  Much more simple than the frame structure, but I don't know how this is to work with my cream-crackle headliner.  This would require over-lapping the headliner to the window frames and gluing it.  The old headliner, which was not original, was heavy black vinyl.  So, did Aussie Minis have a different type of attachment system than UK Minis?  I wonder if I should try to hunt down a Mk1 frame style headliner structure.  Thoughts!


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