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  • Contact:Dirk
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  • Location:Auburn,
  • State:AL
  • Country:United States
  • Make:Mini
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  • Created on:Jan 21, 2017
  • Modified on:Jan 26, 2017
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Most of these are also now on eBay. Search

I've gathered all my parts in one place. I'd really like to move these out of my garage. I think I've correctly described/identified them but feel free to correct if I have something wrong.
The grill and glass are also on ebay. That might be a better option for the glass because of the discounted ebay shipping. I can send additional photos of a specific item if needed. Descriptions should pretty much be in order of the pictures.

I've included a part number where I could. I've put some prices on items but make a reasonable offer (no low balls), buyer pays shipping.
1. Disassembled original 1963 Mini Cooper 997 grill. The mounting plates are a little rusty, some of the slats have some bends in them. Slats are aluminum I think, maybe stainless. It was put together with rivets. (24A198) $65
2. 1 set sliding window glass. Used, has some marks, smaller piece has a chip in the edge. (U-14A7811-2HOLE, 14A7810) $70
3. Rear quarter pop out windows w/ latches, no hinges, glass has a few marks. Really a nice set. $160
4. I think this is a door seal for cars with roll up windows, make offer.
5. rear light gasket (for 1 light), make offer
6. one rear quarter glass seals (47H953M) two shown, I only have one. This is enough to seal a pair of popout windows (if you buy the windows above, I'll give you this ) $15
7. Two new wiper bush wheelbox chrome (37H6042C) $15
8. Used gas cap good condition (WLD100350) $10
9. Used gas cap some peeling chrome, make offer
10. New 12 stainless esam cover clips (BMP128) $5
11. Used shifter knob 4-speed, make offer
12. Chrome turn signal bezel (572734) $10
13. New hardware kit for Flare kits (GAW117-FASTEN) $3
14. 2 unipart bulbs 1xGLB 380 12v dual element (1157) $3
15. New spacer for Cooper S wheel bearing seal (21A1307) $5
15. 2 New Unipart bearing 1 x GHB 147 (no cotter pin) (GHB147) $50
16. Rear lower lends, red l/h used (47H5358), $10
17. New Left/Right swivel hubs (FAM2390/Fam2391 $159.95 ea) $250
18. Drive Coupling pair (QL5000 $159.95) $100
19. New pair of adjustable tie rods (21A1091 $69.95)$50
20. New pair lower suspension arms, I think this is a left and right, one is missing one bushing, part # stamped is 2A4318S/2A4324S on both. (21A1879 $59.95ea), $75
21. 1 pair sun visor flat brackets (SV2008 ) not perfect but serviceable. $50
22. windshield washer pump, make offer
23. Not sure what this is, some kind of vent, has a rotating baffle inside, rusty. make offer.
24. 1 pair 3/8" wheel spacer w/ 2" studs (CW1 $39.95, 21A2064L $2.59ea) $35 (I also have a set of 1.5" studs)
25. broken choke cable with knob, make offer
26. Unipart GDG 999 CV Grease $1
27. 1 pair Tie Rod ends (GSJ612 $24.95 ea) $40
28. 2 Ball Joint / Swivel Pin Kit - Reproduction Upper And Lower (GSJ166-MS $21.95 ea) $30
29. old sun visors, make offer
30 brake bleed tool ($5)
31. home made license plate light extension. Lowers the license plate light so you can put on a std U.S. tag. $7 I have 3 of these.
32. Austin Cooper badge (24A71, $32.95) studs have been threaded for nuts instead of using clips $15
33. 2 Bonnet Prop Rod Rubber Stop (2H9215, $6 ea) $6 for both

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