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Suspension for Sprites & Midgets
Created: January 28, 2011
Front suspension geometry can be altered to improve the cars road holding, further enhancing its cornering ability. Standard settings from the factory are 3/4° of positive camber, approximately 3° of Castor, and 1/8" toe in. Stock Spring rate is 271lbf/in.
Created: January 30, 2000
When installing your new Offset springs be aware that they are designed for "Do It Yourself" installation and will require some thought before that installation! They should NOT be considered a DIRECT replacement for the stock original springs. They are designed to accommodate non stock wheels and tires and must be considered a modification; most modifications require some basic understanding of mechanics.
Axle Stabilizer for Quarter-elliptic Springs
Created: January 30, 2000
This is not a difficult kit to install, but requires care and planning to avoid setbacks and mistakes. It is strongly recommended that a “test-fitting” be done with all parts before any drilling is done.
Axle Stabilizer, FAS200
Created: January 30, 2000
Please read all instructions thoroughly before proceeding. This is not a difficult kit to install, but requires care and planning to avoid setbacks and mistakes.
Sway Bar Information and Theory
Created: January 30, 2000
A car has "neutral" steering when while turning in tight circle at moderate speed the car will complete the circle at approximately the same position across the diameter of the circle. A car has "understeer" when turning on the same tight circle at the same moderate speed the diameter of the circle is increased because of the front wheels "pushing" out!
Spridget double bearing hubs, WC1600
Created: January 30, 2000
Your HUB is constructed from 4140 high strength steel and should give you many years of service. First obtain the necessary parts as noted on
Rear Upper Control Arm PolyurethaneBush Kit, 2A7278/P
Created: January 30, 2000
1) Jack up the car and support on jackstands. Remove the wheels. 2) Remove one control arm from the car. It is easiest to do one side at a time, even if you have help.
1/4-eliptic Spring Set, C-2A7309
Created: January 30, 2000
CAUTION!! Read all these instructions thoroughly before proceeding!! You are working with springs that may at times be under load, and it is important to proceed in the prescribed order...
Quarter-elliptic Alloy Trailing Arms, C-2A7310
Created: January 30, 2000
These trailing arms are designed to bolt on in place of the stock units, allowing adjustability of the driveshaft and positively controlling fore and aft movement of the rear axle assembly.
Camber Adjusting Bushing Set
Created: January 30, 2000
Please read the following instructions thoroughly before starting to work. For safety, be sure to use jackstands in good repair and where possible, work in a clean, well-lighted environment.
Double Bearing Hub Kit, WC1600
Created: January 29, 2000
Remove the slinger flange from the backing plate. The flange is held on by spot welds and can easily be removed with a cold chisel. Replace the hex headed bolts with the round headed pieces and new nuts mentioned above. Turn the upper return spring so as to give maximum clearance to the new hubs.