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The Fun, Affordable Sprite
Created: April 24, 2012
One of the standard modern-day motoring clichés is the desire for a modern-day Sprite – a synonym for an open-topped two-seater that’s cheap to buy and run. When Austin-Healey launched its ‘Frogeye’ Sprite in May 1958 it cost £679, or not much more than a four-door Morris Minor; this really was fun motoring on the cheap.
Frogeye Bugeye Resurrection
Created: November 15, 2011
For you Wheeler Dealer fans, and for those of you who may not be familiar with this UK TV series, here’s a look at Mike Brewer and Edd China working to resurrect a British classic: The Frogeye Sprite.
MG Commercials.. Then & Now..
Created: May 23, 2011
Compare the MG of yesteryear with the "new" MG6 of today
A (Morris) Minor miracle by Father & Son
Created: March 15, 2011
A (Morris) Minor miracle by Father & Son Richard McKellar confesses that he has been reliably told that the first word he uttered, was not "mummy" or "daddy" but "car".
Video: 1958 Launch of the Frog Eye Sprite
Created: February 03, 2011
Frog Eye Sprite driven at Silverstone by Roy Salvadori.
MINI launches New "Matte" Cooper
Created: January 26, 2011
MINI has announced plans to offer a limited edition Cooper Hatch with unique tweaks and accents
Created: November 26, 2009
Midget and Sprite are Affordable Classics that keep their value
Created: March 07, 2008
Donald Healey saw a niche opening up for a car that would be fun to drive, inexpensive to own, and "small enough to store in a chap's motorcycle shed."
Created: January 28, 2006
Quaife Engineering's automotive performance product range covers: ATB Differentials for road and motorsport use Performance gear kits for cars, motorcycles and motorcycle engined cars Replacement race / rally gear boxes Specialist reversing boxes and gear trains for niche vehicles Uprated drive shafts & half shafts Complete heavy duty axle kits Four wheel drive systems GT sports racing cars in either 2 or 4WD
Created: January 28, 2006
That story began forty years ago when engineering entrepreneur Rod Quaife acted upon a chance suggestion from Norton motorcycle specialist Ray Petty. It was tempting enough for Rod to change his strategy he was then involved in and began afresh to specialise in motorcycle gearbox design and production. Enthusiasm and skill made good any financial shortcomings in these early days, and soon the new company - known as RT Quaife Engineering Ltd - began producing the first Quaife transmissions that converted four speed Norton gearboxes into five speed units. Motorsport success soon followed, culminating in John Cooper testing at the TT on a Quaife equipped 350 Norton in 1967.
Created: January 04, 2006
Created: October 01, 2004
It is sometimes easy for those of us that have been attending to our beloved British Cars to forget that the real world of economics can get in the way of our enjoyment of our cars
Created: October 19, 2001
The BMW Group has reached an agreement to sell its British Motor Heritage Limited classic car parts business to the Legacy Consortium. Legacy is a
Created: June 05, 2001
It was a last minute decision. We still didn’t trust the Mini, so the decision to run the SVRA driver school and the “Thunder in the Mountains” SVRA race at Pocono International could not be made until after the Pennsylvania State Championships.
Created: May 25, 2001
It all started that fateful Christmas morning, December 25, 1996. I had been co-driving a 1960 Austin Healey Sprite with my father, Larry Shaffer, in the Pennsylvania Hill Climb Association/SCCA Solo I series...
Created: March 12, 2001
THE DAILY Telegraph is reporting today that MG Rover Group is to announce losses of £300m. That will be in the 8-months since the company was bought from BMW.
Created: March 05, 2001
The surprise at this year's SAE show was to see a new MGf on display. Chapman Arup, a leading UK engineering services company has donated the space on its stand.
Created: February 13, 2001
A new flagship MGF soft-top roadster and three “X-cars” spanning the small hatch, four-door sedan and premium car segments have been unveiled by Britain’s MG Rover as it embarks on a new brand-building strategy following the debacle under BMW ownership.
Created: January 31, 2001
Revenge is proving sweet for MG fans – MG Rover Group is planning to hit back at its previous master with a new range of performance models aimed right at the heart of BMW's market.
Created: January 30, 2001
SPEAKING THIS afternoon at the unveiling of the new MG range, MG Rover's Kevin Howe promised eight new models by July 2001. He confirmed that in each of the first five years, the company was working to a plan to produce 200,000 cars per year, saying that the sales plans are prudent and set against a pragmatic cost base.
MG unveils its future
Created: January 30, 2001
MG has this afternoon (1/30/00) unveiled its latest line of cars as it looks to consolidate its position in the world car market. Chief executive Kevin Howe took the wraps off three MG models plus an MG special edition at the firm's Longbridge plant in Birmingham, this afternoon.
Created: January 23, 2001
MG Rover Group has announced the MG brand's return to the world of competitive motorsport. 2001 will see MG competing in sports car racing, touring car racing, rallying and the continuation of the MGF one-make series.
Created: January 19, 2001
Yes, after 9 months the Bugeye Vintage Racer has returned. I am glad for several reasons. First, I was worried that my readers would loose interest in the project. After all, part 6 was published in July 2000.
Created: January 15, 2001
MG Rover has confirmed that it is exceeding the financial targets set in its business plan which was produced in August 2000 by the Board and its financial advisers Deloitte & Touche.
Created: January 15, 2001
MG Rover Group has revealed the first design drawing of the MG Le Mans car that will compete in the Le Mans 24 hour race in June 2001.
Created: January 03, 2001
In 2001, the MG brand will be developed from a single model to a complete range of roadsters and saloon cars.
Created: December 27, 2000
JOHN COOPER, creator of the rear-engined F! Cooper-Climax and the Mini Cooper, died on Friday in hospital. He was 77. The former racing driver devised the souped-up Mini Cooper in 1961 and his cars were behind Jack Brabham's success in the drivers' championships in the early 1960s.
Created: December 26, 2000
The creator of one the Sixties' coolest car has died, aged 77. John Cooper CBE devised the Mini Cooper in 1961 and it became the ultimate in four-wheeled chic – immortalised in the classic Michael Caine movie, The Italian Job. The Cooper Car Company was the first British motor racing manufacturer to win the Formula One constructors' championship, which it achieved two years running.
Created: December 25, 2000
Mini Cooper creator dies The creator of one of the coolest cars ever seen on the road, John Cooper, has died aged 77. The former motor racing driver developed the Mini Cooper, the souped-up version of the Mini, in 1961 and it soon became a cult classic. The Mini Cooper is still regarded as a cult icon Mr Cooper, who lived at Worthing, West Sussex, was awarded a CBE for services to the motor industry in the New Year's honours list last year.
Created: December 08, 2000
The final Mini to roll of the production line, a 10ft red Mini Cooper Sport, has been presented to the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust. The most famous small car ever has followed a tradition within the company and will go on public display at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, alongside many other examples of the best in British design and engineering.
Created: November 28, 2000
The classic Mini market has shifted in the last couple of years. Not so long ago, the ideal old Mini was a perfect original from the 1960s, but there's a rapidly growing trend towards buying middle-aged cars, retaining or even enhancing the 1960s look while modernising them technically.
Created: November 20, 2000
The Vintage Motorsports Council, an association of vintage race sanctioning organizations, meets this weekend in New Orleans, for the Winter bi-annual meeting. Representatives from over twenty of the member clubs are expected to discuss items of mutual interest and of importance to the organizations and the sport of vintage auto racing.
Created: November 07, 2000
MG World, the world's best-selling MG magazine has taken over the world's oldest, MG Magazine, to consolidate its position as the best MG publication available. 'We're delighted to be able to keep the American MG Magazine alive,' says MG World's editor Philip Raby.
Created: July 28, 2000
Those worried that the disappearance of leaded petrol at the end of this year could curtail the use of their cherished vehicles should be heartened by the announcement that the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) is endorsing four lead substitute products as adequate for all normal driving.
Created: July 27, 2000
After 22 years, MG's long, protracted withdrawal from North America is now complete. MG Magazine, the last remaining vestige of MG's presence in North America, has ceased publication. Ironically, it was not for a lack of readers. In fact
Created: July 19, 2000
The Bugeye Vintage Racer is in the body shop. It is one of those "do it between the others who are on a tighter schedule" jobs so it will be there a while. I get a weekly update. Sometimes it is good news sometimes bad. In all the effort is holding to cost and on schedule. My problem is staying focused.
Polka-dotted Saatchi Mini
Created: July 10, 2000
But there's been some serious scratching of heads as to why this orthodox paint job could invigorate the value of a Mini by so much. Mind you, there is one bonus - he didn't try to cut the car in half or stuff it into a tank of formaldehyde.
Created: June 26, 2000
After getting serious about the restoration effort of the Bugeye Vintage Racer I am truly impressed with the progress. It is now at the point where all of the mechanical parts have been removed and neatly stored. Every suspension bolt and associated hardware have been removed, cleaned and put back on the chassis roller. It is now time for the dreaded “B” word. It is time to start working on the BODY.
Created: June 16, 2000
In the land that invented muscle cars and is awash in sport-utility vehicles, these hardy few are agog over something that gives you a splendid view in a traffic jam -- of somebody else's hubcaps. In a society that loves speed, they boast not of horsepower, but of something they call ''being in touch with the road'' -- the ability to take 90-degree corners at 40 mph without touching the brake.
Created: May 09, 2000
The BMW-owned Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon, Warwickshire, is home to 350 historic vehicles, plus a massive document archive. Ford's acquisition of Land Rover means it will soon own the Gaydon vehicle development facility – next door to the museum – which led to speculation it was buying the Heritage Centre as well.
Created: April 21, 2000
Like the new company, the much-awaited new Bonneville will share only the name with its ancestor. Hints about capacity suggest 650cc to 750cc. Inevitably, it will be a twin-cylinder machine, and, in an excess of misty-eyed nostalgia (or is that cynical marketing savvy?) over common sense, the new Bonnie is rumoured to be air-cooled as well. Hopefully this fascination with the past will not extend to pushrods or to oil leaks.
Created: April 14, 2000
If you received multiple copies of this week's newsletter, we apologize. We have implemented a new mail list program which is causing some problems, including sending multiple emails to individual recipients. We are hard at work fixing this problem. Again, we apologize.
Created: April 03, 2000
We were struck with some spring weather and I was able to get in some shop time. Shop time always takes precedence. However, one evening I dug into my automotive library and found a program from the 1966 Road America June Sprints.
Created: March 22, 2000
A real Bugeye racecar was now sitting in my shop. Let me start by putting something in perspective. It took me about 9 months to get serious about starting the rebuilding. I had no problems with dismantling.
Created: March 18, 2000
MG enthusiasts welcomed the news that the name was likely to be adopted by Alchemy for its relaunched company and predicted that it could do much to dispel the devalued image associated with Rover.
Major & Lancer (1958 to 1964)
Created: March 15, 2000
Introduced in April 1958 the first Majors and Lancers were mechanically identical to the English Wolseley 1500 which was also produced in the same factory. Vehicle launches were kept separate as there were still both Austin and Morris franchised dealers.
Created: March 13, 2000
The story continues. In Part 1 I found the car of my dreams. I took the first giant step toward racing. Now it was time to find out exactly what I bought.
Created: March 11, 2000
British publisher Emap PLC is buying The Petersen Companies Inc., publisher of Motor Trend, Teen, Sport and other specialty magazines, for $1.2 billion in cash.
Created: March 07, 2000
This article will be in several parts. This is not because the article is too long. It is because it will take me some time to get the car on the track. So watch for updates.
Created: March 03, 2000
For one week only, from 3 March 2000 through 10 March 2000, we are offering a 10% discount on all non-sale items ordered through our website. All discounts will be automatically calculated when you place your order. Act now!
Created: March 03, 2000
The Vintage Motorsports Council is requesting that racers and race prep shops report all mechanical failures to Ely Fishkin. The Vintage Motorsports Council is requesting that racers and race prep shops report all mechanical failures to Ely Fishkin,
Created: February 21, 2000
I wandered into the British car section filled with Jags, MGs and Triumphs. In the back was a Mini MKI. The usual rust areas were solid, not repaired; the body was straight; it had an engine; it had four tires and the price was right. It was just what I wanted. The only draw back being I live in Maryland. I began to express my interest and my concern noting that the Mini was a bit too large for a carry-on.
Created: February 10, 2000
The Monte Carlo Rally, the oldest and most prestigious of them all, is poised to be thrown out of the world championship.