Installation Instructions

IMPORTANT! Read all instructions thoroughly and check the parts list before starting this installation.

1) Jack up the car and support on jackstands. Remove the wheels.

2) Remove one control arm from the car. It is easiest to do one side at a time, even if you have help.

3) At the workbench, remove the old rubber part of the bushing and the inner sleeve. Remove only the rubber part with inner sleeve! DO NOT try to remove the old outer sleeve of the bushing or the arm may be damaged!! Poly bushings are designed to fit inside the old outer sleeve - LEAVE IT IN PLACE!!! Two sockets of appropriate size and a bench vise will do the job nicely. Quite often they will fall out!

4) Clean the inside of the sleeves of all rust and old rubber flakes.

5) Press the poly bushings into the arm using silicone spray or WD-40. Again, the bench vise should do the job, but it is a British car so you can use a hammer.

6) Press the steel sleeves into the bushings using silicone or WD-40.

7) Repeat the above for all four bushing pairs.

8) Reinstall the arms using any combination of 7/16" washers and your old spacers, keeping in mind you must have at LEAST one 7/16" washer against each poly bushing and all available space must be used. Lightly grease the bolts.   The arm should be centered in its brackets, front to rear. NOTE: By stacking most of the washers to the outboard side of the arm, you will move the arm inward and gain tire clearance, but the arm must be spaced in equal amounts, front and rear.

9) Tighten all nuts (Loc-tite is recommended) to eliminate all side -to-side movement, but allowing the arm to move freely up and down.   Replace the wheels, lower the car re done!!!