Offset Quarter-elliptic Springs

READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE PROCEEDING!! You will be working with springs under load at some point and it is important to follow the recommended order of operations to avoid damage to either the car or yourself!!

When installing your new Offset springs be aware that they are designed for "Do It Yourself" installation and will require some thought before that installation! They should NOT be considered a DIRECT replacement for the stock original springs. They are designed to accommodate non stock wheels and tires and must be considered a modification; most modifications require some basic understanding of mechanics.

A few tips: On the shock mounting plate, you may need to bend the  L shaped flange straight near the bottom to make clearance for the dog leg of the spring!

If it is necessary to lower the ride height, angled shims of varying degrees (usually 1 to 3 degrees) may be obtained from your local alignment shop. The shims are placed between the springs and the spring mount base plate. One of the easiest ways to determine the correct shims is slacken the spring securing set bolts (with the car on the ground) enough so the springs will be able to pivot from the front. Then loosen the U-bolt nuts evenly until the car sits at the desired height.

CAUTION- be careful not to loosen the nuts too far and drop the car on the arms! Now measure the distance between the underside of the spring and the spring mount base plate! From your local alignment shop, ask for shims that are the same height at the big end as your previous measurement! Keep in mind that the shims are usually sold in degrees and you will have to actually measure the height! The shims will probably also be too long and thus you will have to cut off the small end for them to fit!