Mini Mania is ready to power your Mini motor dreams! Choose from the Mini motors described below, or add any options to meet your needs. Five-speed transmission, performance camshaft, cylinder head upgrade, hi-lift rockers -- the sky's the limit!
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1380cc Mini Mania Power Unit
The "Ultimate Street Performance Engine" from Mini Mania is the result of 30 years of building and racing our fabulous Mini Cooper. Because driveability and reliability are of utmost importance, only components from well established suppliers are utilized. We sell Mini motors ready to bolt in and run, which means, of course, that they are already mated with transmissions.
Item: 1380 POWERUNIT

1380cc Big Bore Power Unit
Because so many Mini Mania customers ask for built-up high performance Mini motors, we have decided to develop our own "ultimate street engine". After many months of dreaming, planning, stockpiling parts, and testing, our 1380cc "Big Bore" power units are now ready for public consumption!
Item: 1380HP_ENGINE

1293cc Power Unit
This is a rebuilt Mini motor engine assembly from Mini Mania. Both the Mini Motor engine and transmission have been rebuilt with our vast experience to insure the right combination of economy and performance; you get good performance at an economical price! Our Mini Motor is built for unleaded gas, the engine should produce between 65 and 75 horsepower (comparable to original Cooper "S").
Item: 1275_POWERUNIT

1293cc Power Unit
With an estimated 100 horsepower on tap from this engine this great package is ready to install and will absolutely thrill you. The rebored 1275cc motor includes high compression (9.75:1) performance pistons, an Aluminum cylinder head and a fast road camshaft (276 degrees duration). This set up will provide the ultimate in performance with great reliability!
Item: 1275HP_ENGINE
1380HP ULTIMATE Engine - with 1.5 rockers, Duplex Chain, Lightweight Flywheel
This starts with our 1380HP engine package and adds three of our most popular upgrades!
Package Includes:
  • 1380HP engine package 1380HP_ENGINE
  • 1.5 roller rocker set C-AHT436
  • Duplex timing chain set C-AJJ3325
  • Lightened flywheel C-AEG420

Item: 1380HP_ENG_ULT
Used & Tested 1300 A+ Engine & Transmission
These pre-owned units have been taken out of cars in the UK and are tested by Mini Mania for compression, oil pressure and blow-by. The assembly includes everything from cylinder head to clutch and transmission, and can esily be fitted to all Minis from 1959 forward. These units are ready to bolt in; some minor modifications might be needed depending on your exact configuration.
1380 Shortblock
Big bore block, crank, rods and pistons. 1380 assembled shortblock consists of A-Plus block and crank machined to 73.5mm and assembled with pistons, rod bolts, bearings, and our special camshaft. We've done the hard work, you can do the final assembly with your favorite head,transmission, and ancilleries.
1380cc DIY Kit
Ideal kit for the Do-It-yourself engine builder. Special kit includes AE big bore pistons, our special 1380cc camshaft and lifters, +.020 main & rod bearings and the HIF44 needle that is ideal for the 1380cc engine!
Item: MMKT1380