PART NUMBER                            DESCRIPTION                         QUANTITY

C-AEG578                                     Camshaft sprocket, lightened          1
                                                       (or adjustable for C-AJJ3327)
AEA695                                        Crankshaft sprocket                        1
2H4905                                        Timing chain                                  1
AEA687                                        Screw - countersunk                        2

The front plate will have to be countersunk as shown ‘X’ to take the screws AEA687, which replace the existing hexagon-headed screws, which would foul on the timing chain. Check for clearance on chain all round and align gears as per Workshop Manual.

When using ‘A’ plus timing covers there is a small round pressing at the bottom which needs making flat to allow timing chain clearance.

Ensure that the crankshaft oil thrower 12A1148 is correctly fitted with the letter F. Facing you or on very early engines the lip faces outwards.