Bugeye  Hardtop Fitting Instructions


We suggest this is a two person procedure



  1. Transfer the Over-Centre Clamps from your existing hardtop, or fit the new ones purchased with the hardtop. Two holes will need to be drilled in the hardtop to attach the clamps as per the original fitting.


  1. For the side fittings, we supply two ‘J’ bolts which hook around the doorpost and are then tightened down through the bracket which is already fitted to the hardtop.


  1. While this operation is being carried out both doors must be shut, with the person fitting the top sat inside.  It would be helpful if another person was pushing the back pillar of the hard top down and forward squashing the rubber seal, this assists in making a tight fit on the car.


  1. Finally, trim or tuck away any excess pieces of sealing rubber.